Cryptocurrency: the partnership between litecoin and the Miami Dolphins is official

Those who follow American football, and there are many of them in our country, know the Miami Dolphins well, a team worth almost 2.5 billion dollars founded in 1966 and unique in the history of American football to have ever played a perfect season in 1972 , winning all the matches played during the championship; the blazon of the team, therefore, is out of the question and this makes the partnership that the Miami dolphins have made with Litecoin even more important. According to a press release on Thursday 11 July , Litecoin has become the official cryptocurrency of the Dolphins, thanks to a partnership with Aliant Payments that will allow viewers toparticipate in a lottery, whose tickets can be purchased by paying in $ LTC, with half of the proceeds collected going to charity; the Litecoin logo will also appear alongside that of the Dolphins and this represents a great branding opportunity for the currency created by Charlie Lee , currently managing director of the Litecoin Foundation, who hopes in this way to make LTC known to a growing number of people. Just Charlie Lee has recently expressed his views on this new collaboration by declaring that :

“This partneship allow litecoin to reach an audience of millions of people around the world at a time when the adoption of elle criptovalute globally continues to gain momentum , making possible use cases concrete and, until a few years ago, they would have been impossible. We consider this a tool powerful, global in scope, suitable to raise awareness and educate people about ll’uso litecoin in particular and more generally virtual currencies 

Although litecoin continues to be one of the favorite targets of the bitcoin maximalists, who consider this currency substantially a BTC clone and, consequently, essentially useless, the efforts that the litecoin foundation is making to consolidate the presence of this currency on the market represent a discriminating factor important between the two projects; bitcoin, in other words, does not have a structure that works to create partnerships and collaborations as it happens with litecoin. Net of the exquisitely technical arguments, however founded, that the bitcoin maximalists produce in tons in an attempt to kill what they evidently consider a competitor who subtracts liquidity to BTC, it is quite clear that this will not be enough to cause the death of what remains one of the oldest projects on the market. The litecoin network is quite large and enjoys a support large enough to guarantee survival, regardless of bitcoin performance; if we consider, as many authoritative observers have affirmed for years, that BTC behaves as a safe haven, a real digital gold, it is clear that all this inevitably implies that other currencies will conquer the payment systems market. Contrary to what the maximalists hope, therefore, the feeling is that the cryptocurrency market, as I have been repeating for months, is not destined to move towards a standardization but will instead be characterized by a multiplicity of projects that will derive their niches by answering to the differences in user requirements.If bitcoin, therefore, seems destined to become the strategic asset to defend itself against the devaluation of money par excellence, other currencies, with other characteristics will cover different market segments; there will be coins that will make their point of strength the anonymity of transactions, others that will focus on the speed of transactions, others will focus on low commissions or price stability. For every need, therefore, a group of coins will emerge that will compete for that particular niche in the market; surely with the passage of time many of the projects currently on the market seem destined to die (I doubt however that it is the case of litecoin), but it seems equally true that many others in the next years will be born of it keeping substantially intact the enormous variety of coins that we find in this moment.

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