IOTA’s Trinity wallet may push price up again

IOTA’s Trinity wallet released

IOTA has already proven its value through partnerships and updates on the roadmap. However, it is clear that the crypto currency has no visible effect in the sector. In fact, he spent most of the year without a significant price increase, and in most cases retreated.

Only IOTA lost 6.35% against Bitcoin today . 2935 satoshi fell to the value that the date (except November 1, 2017), such a period has not fallen. IOTA has seen the highest $ 0.48 in the last month , but has fallen to $ 0.36 as of today.

Strong progress is needed for IOTA to reorient. IOTA reached an agreement with the automotive giant Jaguar in April. Even though this news raised the price suddenly, the attack did not end like a rabbit race and the price continued to fall. Today, the surge in Bitcoin has affected IOTA as well as all its subcoins.

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IOTA recently introduced its Trinity wallet. An important threshold is also passed on the road map.

This virtual wallet developed by the IOTA Foundation provides ideal protection and ease of access for your IOTA savings. Trinity beta version had reached more than 160 thousand download figures. It is stated that IOTA, which is worth 1.8 billion dollars , has changed hands over the system . The actual V1.0 version is now available to all users. The wallet is available in both mobile and desktop versions.

Price performance

As I mentioned, IOTA dropped to $ 0.36 today. And how much was it at the beginning of the year? Exactly $ 0.36 . So IOTA is back to the point where it started the year as of today. At the same time, Bitcoin almost quadrupled.

Altcoins clinged to the time of ascent because of their higher profitability compared to Bitcoin. However, the rise wave of 2019 has the opposite effect. Altcoins are able to maintain their value at best. Bitcoin, on the other hand, opened the doors to reach the new 2019 summits with its rise above $ 13,000 this morning.






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