How Justin Sun prepares for his lunch with Warren Buffet

Justin Sun is a true marketer. He paid $ 4.5 million to have lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett, and Sun is exploiting that to the full.

Three Michelin stars

The man behind cryptocurrency Tron announced on social media that he had chosen restaurant Quince from San Fransisco. This restaurant has no less than three Michelin stars and lunch takes place on July 25. Sun about his choice:

“After narrowing the choices to three, I finally chose Quince because the food represents the traditional and the new – just like the lunch participants themselves.”

Sun also invites the media for a press conference to be held both before and after the big lunch. Buffett is probably only present at the morning presentation, Justin Sun and his brainchild Tron are present at both.

Enough conversation topics

Warren Buffett is in love with Cherry Coke and restaurant Quince has added Cherry Coke to the assortment especially for this lunch. Justin Sun leaves nothing unused to make the Buffett as comfortable as possible.

Last week the bitcoin course was in a wild roller coaster ride, and that is certainly a good topic for discussion. Buffett has often called bitcoin a gamble, and he can use the volatility in last week’s course as a basis.

Sun must do his best to convince Buffett that volatility is something positive, rather than a curse. Buffett is known as a long-term investor and not as a trader and that makes a difference. Volatility is not that important in the long term.

t is also difficult to convince Buffett of the usefulness of a store of value. The investor also has little to do with gold, but is mainly in shares. But the main reason why he is in shares and not in gold is that the return is higher. That can again speak in favor of bitcoin.

Justin’s Strategy

Sun about his strategy: First start with Facebook, JPMorgan and IBM. He will then concentrate on his own projects – Tron and BitTorrent.

“I’ll talk to Buffett and the other attendees about how we integrate blockchain into BitTorrent, with 100 million monthly active users and what we do to expand the TRON blockchain.”

Sun can invite a maximum of seven guests for the famous lunch. So far he has announced that Litecoin CEO Charlie Lee will be there.







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