Cardano’s ADA Coin picks up speed – invest now?

Of course, the Bitcoin is still the number one cryptocurrency , but also the Cardano (ADA) is becoming a real heavyweight. Last Cardano added 20 percent. The market capitalization is now 141 billion US dollars. Is the investment in Altcoin worth it now?

Market capitalization increases from $ 139 billion to $ 141 billion

After Cardano overcame the last-mentioned resistance in March, the ADA course is no longer back. Also interesting are the backgrounds to the coin. The cryptocurrency first saw the light of day after the big coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum were old hands. Accordingly, the creators tried here to avoid the problem areas of these coins and to put the scientific findings in the foreground. By 2020, operators want to have their network fully developed. Quite a few investors now see the hot phase in order to invest in the cryptocurrency .

ADA is also volatile

In December of last year, the Cardano fell to a low of $ 0.02889. Since then a lot has happened and in the middle of June the price of the coins increases to 0.09248 US-Dollar. A significant increase, which shows itself in the short-term view. Over the last seven days, ADA has been able to work its way up from $ 0.084 to over $ 0.092. And also overcome low points of 0.07798 US dollars. Cardano could be an interesting investment object for all crypto fans who would like to get away from the big crypto currencies. Many Cardano Wallets are already dedicated to the token.

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