While TRON Claims Partnership with Liverpool Football Club, Everything May Not Be as It Appears

Justin Sun is known for his work as the CEO of TRON, which has had a relatively good reputation until recently. Sun got into hot water with his Twitter followers when sweepstakes temporarily fell through as he promised a lucky winner a Tesla. He ultimately corrected his error within a couple of days, but there are still some skeptics. Unfortunately, a new announcement from Sun has not exactly improved his reputation.

On April 24th, Sun stated that TRON now would have a partnership with the Liverpool Football Club, saying that he received a “unique and innovative” invitation, which he posted to Twitter.

Sun followed the partnership with the same verbiage of ones before, saying that it is an “official partnership.”

However, based on a recent report from Decrypt, there is not a partnership at all. Liverpool FC specifically denied any kind of partnership, and a spokesperson said that it is possible that Sun misinterpreted a message that was sent to multiple companies in an attempt to explain the work of the organization.

Attempting to explain exactly what happened to cause the mix-up, CEO Jesse Powell of the Kraken exchange said that it is possible that the idea of a partnership arose as a result of a “spam” sales email from the group.

Still, TRON did not let go. Spokesman Cliff Edwards said that there is definitely no misunderstanding. He clarified that the question was if TRON wanted to “connect and explore a partnership.” He added that it is clear that Sun was interested, and he almost seemed offended that the “informal” invitation would be anything but legitimate.

Even though there have been multiple denials that any partnership is happening, it would make sense to connect. TRON could easily live-stream the games, or even use the video game platform to add football on the blockchain or tokenize part of the game.

When Decrypt reached out to the organization, it was clear that the spokesperson was confused, but she confirmed that the matter would be looked into. However, the representative stated that there’s no discussions that have taken place between themselves and Tron.




Credits: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com

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