Is Q1 of 2019 the Time for Verge (XVG) to Erupt the Crypto Space? Details

Verge (XVG) is taking the leap forward to making positive impressions on the crypto-sphere. The first quarter of 2019 is likely to be a defining moment that will shape the future discourse of the coin. As the crypto community looks forward to positive inputs from performing altcoins, Verge (XVG) is already showing signs that Q1 of 2019 might be the time for the bulls.

Verge (XVG): Dropping the Annihilation of the Previous Year

The coin looked good to prosper after collaborating with the adult content site, Porn Hub. While this made some inputs to the coin’s fortunes, the dips in the general market were not favorable. Now, it is heading forward after the annihilation of the previous year. At the moment, the iOS app is in the public domain for testing and more developments are still in the offing. Hopefully, the full version will be made available before the end of the quarter.

Verge (XVG)’s Code Rebase Almost Complete

After multiple hacks in its network in Q2 of 2018, Verge (XVG) took serious steps to mitigate future occurrence. A code rebase is purportedly the solution. Now, the Alpha version of the 5th Verge (XVG) codebase is currently available to developers. The feedback will help in identifying bugs and fixing them before completing the remaining 4% of the project.

Branded Apparel in the Offing

Without a doubt, the coin might put forward its best attire in the first quarter of the year. The Merchandise Online Store, a platform where the Verge (XVG) community can purchase Verge (XVG) branded apparels is 5% away from completion. Upon completion and release to the public, users can purchase Verge (XVG) branded apparels with the BTC and XVG coins.

BlackPaper Version 5.0 – A New Outlook to Verge (XVG)

It is a fact that cryptocurrency projects release detailed whitepapers that show their business proposal and upcoming developments. Verge (XVG)just released 5th version of the BlackPaper on January 17, 2019. The paper highlights future plans of the network and details the security features of the network such as the I2P and TOR Integrations. It also made mention of side chains for smart contract efficiency (the Rootstock integration), the Cross-Chain trading (Atomic Swaps), and the use of the Electrum wallet.

Verge (XVG) will make Impressions

The massive developments going on in the network and the released BlackPaper are new leaps for Verge (XVG). As the first quarter of 2019 drifts into the second month, the community awaits the release of the codebase that will be in tandem with Bitcoin’s.

In addition, the Merchandise Online Store which is undergoing final designs (95%) might be completed before the end of the quarter. With optimism surrounding the coin, Q1 of 2019 will set Verge (XVG) on the path of success and the coming months tend to become consolidation for its developments and preparation for the bulls.




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