Project Mass Adoption With Verge (XVG): NetCents Enters 5 Years Agreement With SalesSource

The outcome of project mass adoption with Verge (XVG) is beginning to pay off as NetCents Technology Inc. entered into a five-year ISO Reseller Agreement with SalesSource LLC.

SelesSource, with many years of expertise in the payment processing industry, specialises in funds management, payments facilitation, mobile wallet, prepaid card issuance, and merchant acquiring.

The agreement will make SalesSource sell and promote the NetCents Cryptocurrency Merchant Gateway that has already integrated Verge (XVG), Tron (TRX), and some other digital wallet.

SalesSource will also promote and sell NetCents’ e-Wallet and Card to their merchant network that is not limited to multiple avenues of international and domestic processing, mobile and virtual terminal processing, eCommerce, high risk, alternative payment and cash advance methods, and POS systems integrations.

In addition to their extensive merchant service experience, SalesSource is performing excellently in prepaid card issuance and mobile wallets by way of virtual and physical cards, e-Wallets, employee PayCard for international use and offers a proprietary processing platform, closed loop and open loop card programs. SalesSource facilitates domestic and recurring ACH and CC payments, check processing, international transfers, and now, cryptocurrency payments throughout many industries, distribution channels and sales partners.

In an update by NetCents, the company’s CEO Clayton Moore stated, “SalesSource is forward thinking and excels in various aspects of product development and product delivery”.

“Integrating NetCents Crypto Currency processing services with SalesSource payment solutions will increase our distribution reach, market validation, and strategic customer acquisitions,” he added.

SalesSource got its expertise from the CEO and President Mr. Paul Compton’s diverse experience. Compton helped reliable American payment firms acquire billions owing to his ventures in Heartland Payments, EVO Payments International, and Jet Pay.

Beginning of Crypto Mass Adoption

Shortly after integrating Verge into its Gateway, NetCents and Verge (XVG) entered into a mass adoption agreement purposely to increase the acceptance of cryptocurrency in the society.

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