Shelley, the update for Cardano, will be ready in the first months of 2019

This update will bring with it great properties that will make the network much more versatile in the face of the needs of the Blockchain ecosystem The project is already very advanced but details are still being polished in relation to its implementation.

The CEO and co-founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, confirmed that the long-awaited update for the network, Shelley, should be ready before the month of April 2019.

Although many hypothesized about the possibility that Shelley  was going to be launched later this year, Hoskinson assured that 90% of the work had already been completed, but that at the implementation level it was still necessary to perfect some aspects.

What’s so special about Shelley?

The community of Cardano is on the lookout for this update as the properties it brings are promising. This allows Cardano to become completely autonomous, enabling more than 1,000 staking pools that will make the network the most decentralized in the market.

According to the roadmap presented by Cardano, Shelley includes the following properties:

  • Multi-signature transactions
  • Backend of the  improved wallet
  • A ” Light Client” mode
  • Paper wallets
  • Rates consensus and incentives
  • Open Delegation of Ouroboros
  • Quantum resistance
  • Voting center
  • Personal addresses much friendlier

Operators will migrate to the “Proof-of-Stake” (PoS) protocol Hoskinson says that this system is much safer and works very well for the network, since it does not require boostrapping or checkpoints.

Future of Cardano

Many industry experts say that Cardano will become one of the great powers of the Blockchainecosystem by 2019. In this regard, Hoskinson is very optimistic but has made great efforts to ensure that the project holds that position and remains, so its objective is to convert the ADA into one of the five largest cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization in the markets.

In addition to the aforementioned, the expectation is also that Cardano will become a mechanism to help Third World countries access the world of finance, providing financial options to people in a situation of poverty.

At a more technical level, Cardano has plans to improve interoperability, management and stability of the network during the next year, as protocols and cryptographic algorithms of greater complexity and functionality are in development.

And finally, thanks to its self-sustaining treasury system, Cardano guarantees the financing of futureprojects regardless of the fluctuations seen in the main markets.

Preparing the way

The main programmers ensure that Cardano is in an excellent position to guarantee its growth and long-term scalability. The project has great potential based on its technical capabilities and its self-sustaining ecosystem, which is why many people have faith that Cardano will become one of the most innovative and functional Blockchain proposals for the industry.

Recently the Cardano operating company , IOHK, announced the launch of the Plutus and Marloweprogramming tools , which allow the creation of intelligent operating contracts in its Blockchainnetwork .

Likewise, in the middle of this month , version 1.4 of Cardano was also launched , which includes Cardano SL and new properties for its wallet, Daedalus




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