Will IOTA be worth more than $ 2 soon?

Industry of Things (IoT) and IOTA – two terms that are now inextricably linked. The reason for this is the Tangle technology of the IOTA Foundation , which is likely to turn the industry upside down. IOTA is the crypto-currency for machines and forms the basis for many cooperations that were made with the big car manufacturers.

Meanwhile, the IOTA Foundation has strategic collaborations with Fujitsu, Volkswagen, BMW, Bosch and many more. completed.

If you go through the partnerships like that, you would have to think that IOTA (MIOTA) would cost more than $ 2 already. Not even close. IOTA / USD is currently not even worth $ 0.40. 

In the last seven trading days, IOTA was able to breathe a little more air, because the digital currency increased by more than 6 percent and last cost just over 0.35 dollars.

Will IOTA cost more than $ 2 again soon?

In January, IOTA (MIOTA) shot up to $ 5. The reason for this was the broad rally in cryptocurrencies, where Bitcoin cost $ 20,000 in the short term. 

However, since then, the IOTA rate has dropped significantly, but this is not an isolated event. Other cryptocurrencies are also in the deep intoxication. The difference with other tokens, however, is that IOTA has all these partnerships in its back and has already successfully performed use cases. This should be enough to carry IOTA (MIOTA) well above the $ 2 mark in the longer term (3-5 years).

New momentum requires a better mood compared to cryptocurrencies. Only when there is a drop in selling pressure can investors dream of a comeback from IOTA.

So you could use the low rates to top up if you believe that IOTA has the potential to become the cryptocurrency of the machines. This also writes the financial portal Investing.com, in the article, which are 5 cryptocurrencies 2019 the best . There, in addition to the argument of many partnerships with large companies, the new Qubic protocol is also mentioned as a reason for a price increase. “Toll-free transactions, along with quota-based calculations, open the door for IOTA to enter the Internet of Things market.”



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