IOTA and Audi Provide Details About Their Collaboration

In a recent blog post published by Alisa Maas, the Head of Mobility and Automotive at the IOTA Foundation, they informed that they had positive results after five-month of collaboration with Audi. The intention was to present the results of their project to interested investors and individuals.

Positive IOTA and Audi Collaboration

IOTA and Audi have recently announced that their five-month collaboration had a positive effect on both companies. They were able to provide information about the benefits of exploring new solutions with blockchain technology and IOTA.

Audi Denkwerkstatt and the IOTA Foundation explored IOTAs technology to solve different problems related to mobility, automotive and IoT. During the first part of the project, the Audi team focused on research and interviewing domain experts and define and describe the problem and solution space.

The second phase saw experts working in stealth mode to focus on finalizing the prototype. They were collecting user feedback and more.

Alisa Maas commented on this issue:

“During that time an IOTA Foundation team acted as consultants on a regular basis on topics like technology, use cases and business models. Both sides learned from each other’s expertise and contributed to the final results of the project.”

IOTA has been working in the past with many other companies all over the world. The electronics giant company Bosch has also partnered with IOTA in order to launch a new device for IoT Data Collection.

Volkswagen has also released an over-the-air proof of concept after working with the IOTA Foundation. As we wrote at UseTheBitcoin some months ago, both companies presented a Proof of Concept during the Cebit summit held on June the 11th. The goal is to show how it is possible to securely document updates using IOTA’s technology.

Malte Schönefeld, an Audi representative, commented about the partnership and work conducted with IOTA:

“We really had a great time working with the folks from the IOTA Foundation. Exploring new topics is always exciting and it requires excellent teamwork and dedication to really get something done within six months.”

Currently, IOTA (MIOTA) is the 13th largest crypto in the market. Each coin can be purchased for $0.25. Furthermore, it has a market capitalization of $704 million.



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