Justin Sun: Tron [TRX] surpasses Stellar [XLM] in terms of trading pairs

On 13th December, Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of the Tron Foundation, tweeted a comparison between Stellar [XLM], the fourth largest coin and Tron [TRX], which is on the tenth spot on the crypto-rankings. Here, Sun mentioned the pairings of Tron and Stellar, wherein he pointed out that TRX had surpassed XLM in terms of the number of trading pairs. The original tweet read:

“According to @CoinMarketCap, there are 159 trading pairs of #TRON which already surpassed 157 trading pairs of Stellar. #TRX was already listed on more than 100 exchanges, including Crypto/Crypto & Crypto/ Fiat trading pairs. $TRX”

Recent tweet by Justin Sun | Source: Twitter

Recent tweet by Justin Sun | Source: Twitter

The Tron ecosystem has undergone several significant developments in recent weeks. One of them is the launch of Tron Accelerator program, which is a contest for developers doling out a reward of $200,000.

This also hinted towards the launch of the Tron Ecosystem Co-Builder Plan, which is a powerhouse for startups using Tron’s blockchain as well as the developers associated with Tron’s technology.

On the market front, TRX is currently down by 0.61% wherein the token is trading at a price of $0.013 with a market cap of $875.9 million. At press time, the total trading volume in the last 24 hours was recorded at $68.1 million.

On the other hand, Stellar is showing a dip of 1.95%. At the time of writing, the token was trading at a depreciated price of $0.11 with a market cap of $2.12 billion. Here, the 24-hour trading volume was observed to be over $74 million.

albaberta, a Redditor who is also a blockchain and cryptocurrency space enthusiast on the news commented:

“LOL!! Its just a difference of 2 ! Whats the big deal about it??!! Its always stellar all the way!!!”

Vu Hieu, a Twitter user and a blockchain space follower also commented:

“You are just Chinese, you are just a scam”


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